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We Make IT Work

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The Power of Prevention

At Wisp IT, we are firm believers in the power of prevention. By choosing our services, you can anticipate a 30% reduction in the number of support tickets annually compared to your existing provider.


At Wisp IT, we utilise a range of advanced technologies to maximise our proactive approach and ensure swift resolution of any concerns that may arise.

  • World Class Support System
  • Remote Monitoring & Management
  • Automated Remediation



Ticket Reduction




Our Services

Experience seamless IT support with our Service Desk solutions. Our dedicated team assists with technical issues, system updates, and user management, ensuring your business runs smoothly and efficiently. Trust our IT Service Desk for reliable, responsive, and professional support.

Unlock the power of the public cloud for your business. Benefit from scalable resources, cost savings, and enhanced flexibility, while we manage the infrastructure, security, and optimization. Embrace the future with our comprehensive public cloud solutions.

Enhance your Cybersecurity with our Managed IT Security Services. We provide threat detection, vulnerability management, compliance support, and employee training, helping you focus on core operations while safeguarding your data and infrastructure.

Simplify your IT migrations with our expert services. We ensure seamless transitions, minimal downtime, and efficient integration of new systems, safeguarding your data and operations. Trust us for a smooth, hassle-free IT migration experience.

Elevate your business with our strategic IT consultancy. We analyse your organisation's needs, optimise technology investments, and develop tailored plans to drive growth, efficiency, and innovation. Empower your success through expert IT guidance.

Experience the freedom of cloud desktops. Access your work environment from anywhere, with enhanced security, cost efficiency, and seamless updates. Boost productivity and collaboration with our reliable and flexible cloud desktop solutions.